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Green Automation






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Green Automation

Time for Green Automation
Energy is not a fixed cost, but rather a variable cost and there are many ways to improve energy efficiency such as turning off or dimming the lights when not needed, setting computers to hibernate when not in use, changing to more energy efficient light bulbs and introducing energy efficient strategies in automation.

Using energy in an efficient manner will cut running costs and benefit the environment and as a result, can significantly boost the image of a business in the public eye. With this said, it is clear and essential that we see the convergence of environmental and business needs are indeed in sync.

We at Reditech Automation GmbH also see this, and are working hard to build energy efficient products so both businesses and our environment can benefit each and every day. Make Green Automation a part of your business today!

Energyefficiency in the Automation World
Are you prepared to address the environmental sustainability and climate change issues confronting your industry? Are you concerned about how much it will cost to reach your objectives?

“Yes,” you say, “because it is good business and good for business”—a win-win: for your plant and for your bottom line. And it’s good for the planet. After all, Green automation is tied to the study and practice of efficient and eco-friendly use of systems, controls and related resources.

Where to start ?
As with all things, the hardest question is assessing where to start. It is an especially critical question in 2010, as companies eager to tackle Green automation are confronted by an uncertain economy, new regulatory compliance legislation and increased stakeholder pressure. It is a business landscape further complicated by an engineering staff depleted by worker cutbacks and, even more critical, the retirement of Baby Boomers, who are taking with them years of experience and knowledge.

How to move forward, confidently, with a Green automation initiative? How to plan, prioritize and proceed, monitor, manage and measure to ensure your investment here? Reditech Automation GmbH is your Partner in Green Automation. Contact us Today.

Which Services does Reditech offer ?

Measuring Equipment

We offer compact, multifunctional energy measurement devices which make your energy consumption transparent. They can be used directly in 3-phase industrial networks (400V). Integrated hour meter and extended Capabilities of measuring power factor, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, powerfactor and much more. Freely programmable Digital I/O`s are also available.

End Pushers

Low Power Pusher - This is our newest Development in End Pushers with optimized Belts and Bearings.
Saves up to 35% Energy in conjunction to a standard pusher of every other competitior. We offer our new Pusher Series for an unbeatable Price - contact us today.

Frequency Drives

A single optimized Application in a huge Process can make a big difference. Add Frequency Drives to your Machines, Pumps and Fans to improve your Energy Consumption needs. Reditech offers everything, starting with analysis of your Processes to determine the best strategies up to complete Implementation of the Results into your Process. Interested ? contact us today.

LED Lights

Replace Your HQL (or similar) Lights with the newest LED Technologies and  benefit from lower Energycosts in conjunction with improved Brightness and Lifetime. Save up to 90% Energy with LED Lights from Reditech.

Payback for a 1:1 Replacement below 6 Months.

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