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Successfull Start into the 2010 Spring Fair Season
REDITECH successfully started into the 2010 Fair Season with our new exhibition stand in Hannover and a wide vary of new Innovations. High
Quality Discussions and a high Number of Visitors were recognized by the REDITECH Crew. Our Presentations at the „light+building“ in Frankfurt and the „HANNOVER MESSE“, where the european-wide grounding had a great effect, were a great success.

Dear Customer,

Many Experts, like you, have taken the chance to discuss our new Products at the „light+building“ in Frankfurt and the „HANNOVER MESSE“. Because of the wide Range of our new Innovations we had many connecting factors with you, our customer.

Now it is time to integrate and perfect our new products and prototypes. While the Mass Production of
our "BlueGlobe" and "BlueGlobeSL" Systems in all sizes has allready started we are looking for Partners to perfect our "UNI LED" System. The "UNI LED" System is designed to fit into existing HQL Lights and therefore minimizes Downtime and Conversion Costs.
The fast Connection to REDITECH

Interested in our Products ? Do
you want to talk to our Specialists or order more specific Information ?

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Our Highlights at the Fairs have been 5 different LED Systems for the optimal high value Lighting of small and big Production Facilities. Our Systems can be used in- and outdoors.

It is REDITECH`s first time to offer Systems made off PC. These Systems are lightweight, robust and very resistant. SL-Lights offer Safety outdoors for all your applications. They are economical and offer mounting Advantages and an enormous Energysaving Potential. The "BlueGlobe" LED-Systems of our japanese Partners can save you up to 23% Energycosts compared to LED Systems from other competitors.

The REDITECH Show Truck for your internal Fair

Reditech presented its new Show Truck at the "HANNOVER MESSE“. Many Visitors took the chance of a demonstration of our new Products by our Service Teams.
If you were not able to visit the Fairs, our Show Truck or Field Service Personal can be sent to you - simply call us or send an E-Mail for a date. You can find our newest Infos here on our Web Page

Our new Highlights are looking for "Energy Savers"
With our new Production Facility Lighting System in LED Technology REDITECH showed a Solution for a new Era of economical Lighting. Save up to 90% Energycosts with LED Systems from REDITECH.

Payback Time normally is below 6 months !

New in our Portfolio: five LED Systems with the possibility of replacing the exisitng Lights 1:1. Systems are available for different applications and Power requirements.

We offer up to 5 years Warranty !

With the SL-Series we offer a solution which can also be used in very high buildings.

All Parts are comprehensively corrosion protected.

 Input Voltage: 200-265V AC

  Frequency: 47-63Hz

  Efficiency min. 83%

  Beam Angles : Horizontal 120° / Vertical 60°

  Working Life min. 50.000 Stunden

  IP65 (IP67 possible)

You also can benefit from the new possibilities in Luminous Intensity in conjunction with Lifetime and significant Energy Saving.

Contact us today if we could gain your interest in our new Products.

The LED - Light of the Future

Since Development of powerful blue and white LED`s the Market for LED Light Systems is rising at high rates. Nowadays LED`s are used for nearly every Light source as Displays and Lights, in Cars, Planes and Traffic Lights as well as in the classic architectural lighting.

We co-operate intensively with our Partners to make all the new Possibilities available to you.

(c) 2010 Reditech Automation GmbH