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Products - Overview

SCADA Systems

Service and Products for CAN and  END Lines


REDITECH Automation GmbH supports products and services as:

Turn key Line Controls, incl. panel building, installation, commissioning...and...

Power supply panels for the complete production line...and...

Industrial IT, networking and database, SAP connection...and...

Line Control are used worldwide in the beverage industries. REDITECH Automation GmbH has integrated this new smart line control into the beverage can industry, CONTROL in “state of art”. We offer turn key LINE CONTROL systems for can and end maker.


Turnkey systems from Reditech worldwide. More than 50 CAN LINES ! the CAN Line People

VisualFactory® for CAN / END Lines


REDITECH Automation GmbH has developed a new generation of SCADA and Line Control, more efficiency, energy saving and lower cost in your production !


SCADA systems are used worldwide in the beverage industries. REDITECH Automation GmbH has integrated this new technology now into the beverage can industry, CONTROL in “state of art”. We offer turn key SCADA systems for can and end maker.


Turnkey systems from Reditech worldwide. the CAN Line People
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Troubleshooting Service

The Employees of Reditech Automation GmbH are well trained and have extensive Experience in Troubleshooting Systems. We are familiar with the Chemical or Metal manufacturing Industries as well as the Hightech Industry.

In Case of an emergency please call +49(0)2595/3869265 for a technician.

We offer our Services worldwide - do not hesitate to contact us.

Special Engineering Service
We develop and build Special Engineering Machines and Systems (e.g. Conveyors) adapted to your Needs. Reditech offers complete Systems including Control. Delivery, Commissioning at Side, close Cooperation to the Customer and a complete Documentation of the Project is what Reditech offers to you.

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Save Energy by using Induction Ovens

Reditech supplies turn key induction oven systems for packing industry especially food and beverage industry

- Turn key systems due 25 years experience with induction ovens
- Implementing the hardware of the world leading induction coil manufacturer
- More than 250 installed systems in Europe, about 1500 world wide
- Low energy consumption ( only 25% of gas or power heating )
- Stand alone system with water cooler
- Very low maintenance system ! ( first 3 years none )
- More safe than gas or power heating
- Customer specified systems possible
- PLC with Ethernet connection
- Color HMI
- Siemens or Rockwell plc as standard no extra charge
- Very compact size, only small space needed

Low Price:
Turn key standard systems from 69.990 €

We develop and build PLC Controls according to your needs. We are familiar with all big PLC Manufacturers. Extensive Software Documentation is normal for us. Delivery, Commissioning at Side and Startup Assistance is Part of our Service.

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Control Cabinets
For many Years Reditech Automation GmbH is offering turnkey Control Cabinets including PLC Controls and HMI Visualisation Software for the Industry.We offer individual Systems according to your Needs or Standard Control Cabinets according to VDE, DIN or american Standards

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HMI (Human Machine Interface)
Control and monitor your Machines and Processes with State of the Art HMI Technology from Reditech Automation GmbH.

We develop Visualisations for your Processes according to your Needs. Another Specialty of Reditech is the Development of Controls for Machines with graphical User Interfaces ("Touch Screens"). We offer Touchpanels in different Sizes to unbeatable Prices or we implement your Project on allready existing Hardware. We also develop "Replicas" of existing Controls where, for example, no Spareparts are available anymore.

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SCADA Systems
Reditech Automation GmbH offers the Implementation of a SCADA System of your Choice or we develop together with you, the Customer, a complete new System for your Needs. Control your Processes and Machines in Realtime and collect all the Production Data you need from your Desk. We are familiar with all Solutions of the big  Vendors (WOnderware etc.).

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CAD Service
Reditech creates CAD Drawings for your Needs. We correct existing Drawings and offer Tools for your CAD Management.

Our employees are equipped with modern Workstations. Extensive Projects are no Problem for us,  regardeless if mechanical or electrical Drawing - Reditech is your Partner.

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Mechanical Construction Service
Reditech also develops mechanical Solutions for your Needs. We use Standard Parts as far as possible to minimize your needs for special Spareparts. We offer comprehensive Guaranties for our Systems as well as Commissioning and Start-up on Site.

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Networking and Bus Systems
Reditech Automation GmbH is your Partner in networking Solutions. Regardeless if you need big Ethernet Networks for your Company internal Intranet or Bus Systems for the Interconnection of your Components in the Automation - Reditech is your Partner. We have many years of Experience with all Bus Systems of all big Vendors (Profibus, Devicenet etc.).

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Safety Technology
Nowadays the Safety of Machines and Processes has the highest Priority. State of the Art Safety Technology helps preventing accidents. Save Costs and prevent Downtime with Reditech Safety Technology.

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Electrical Installations
Reditech Automation GmbH also offers Standard Electrical Installations of every Size. We guarantee deadlines and provide only qualified personnel.

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