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What is understood by Retrofit?

Retrofit means the modernization of machines that have been in use for a long time. Although the mechanical parts of older machines are often in a good condition, the electronics have undergone a complete innovation in the meantime and users of machine tools more and more frequently consider retrofitting the electronic parts.
What are the advantages of a Retrofit ?

By modernizing the machine, users can benefit from the following in particular, depending on the equipment and degree of conversion:

* Lower downtimes
* Faster machining cycles
* Greater accuracy
* Machining of complex parts
* Program storage/increased memory capacity
* Improved user-friendliness
* Possibility of networking
* Longer spare part availability

In this way, you can increase your productivity and improve the flexibility without having to buy a new machine immediately.

What Retrofit Services do we perform ?

We will replace your old control with a control of the latest generation, whatever control you had before. If necessary, we will modernize your drives as well. The retrofit  measures are planned with you, in good time and comprehensively, so that your production is not disrupted while modernization is being carried out.
What are the costs for a Retrofit ?

The price of the retrofit depends on the extent of the modernization:

numerical control and/or drives, motors, etc. and is quoted to you individually by your contact for retrofitting. Assessment of the situation on site is necessary.
How fast can a Retrofit be performed ?

Implementation of a retrofit measure depends on the scope of modernization.

Generally, the components are provided quickly and the support service is performed as quickly as possible after agreement with you so that the availability of your machine is maintained.
Our Services

At our regional service departments, we have specialists for the following:

... for manufacturers of machines, presales service

* Consultancy
* Engineering
* Software application
* Start-up
* Hotline support
* On-site service by the repair service during the warranty period

... for users of machines, after-sales service

* Securement of availability by service contract or by time and expense
* Hotline support, possibly remote diagnostics
* Spare part service
* Integration of technical changes and improvements
* Modernization by retrofit

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