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Robotics from Reditech

Our References Speak for Themselves:

References are a great help in finding and choosing the right partner in technology. Our robots operate with extreme reliability in many different areas throughout Europe. Intensive planning, cost-controlled implementation, installation and service are all provided from a single source. Our customers have long since recognized that robots not only increase productivity but also ensure that these investments result in a safer and healthier working environment.
The Application is the Deciding Factor:

The gripper principles of robotics are important components in terms of the performance and flexibility of a robot. The gripper types offer enormous flexibility with regard to the shapes and dimensions of the goods which can be handled. Ultimately, it is always the application that determines which gripper type is used. This demands precise exploration of not only present but also future requirement profiles. Our team of engineers place their expertise at your disposal to ensure that the decision you make is the right one.

Application example : Scrap Handling

The Engineering:

Our guiding principle is to always think and act with the customer in mind. Our engineers and technicians possess the relevant production and process know-how. In our own test hall we simulate your requirement profile and acquaint you with the many different ways in which this flexible technology can be applied.

  Action radius up to 3500 mm

Program-controlled change of operating states

Ultimate loads up to 570 kg

Realization of any desired stacking arrangement

New-type kinematics

Order-specific commissioning

Advanced sensor technology

Flexibility in unit form und pallet dimensions
Palletizing in size mix

Reliable due to self-diagnosis of errors and operator prompting system

Modular add-ons

Low operating expenses

Long service life

High economic efficiency

High through-put

Palletizing - Depalletizing - Commissioning of:

Full Automatic Scrap palletizing for CAN and END plants

Packages / Packs of steel sheets

Cardboard Boxes / Trays

Barrels / Sacks

CANs and ENDs, 2 and 3 piece, Steel and Alu

Panels / Panel Packs

Bottle Crates

3-D Parts

Receptacles of All Types and Designs

Please Click: Scrap System Example

Reditech can provide following after sales services for robotic systems:

Complete robot system:
reconditioned robot, controller, teach pendant

168 Point Inspection

100% Parts

100% Labor

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



Turn Key Installation

Operator Station

Weekly Gantt chart updates

Prototype Tooling

Final Tooling

Complete safety package
(lights, guarding, etc.)

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