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Special Engineering Service

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Reditech Engineering Service
Reditech Automation GmbH has many years of  Experience in Special Engineering. Our Systems are in use worldwide.

We develop and build Solutions for all Applications with unbeatable Prices.

Small Overview
End Transport Systems

- Aluminium or PVC
- Premium Steel  / 6,8,20 Pin
- analog "Gap Controls" possible

Bottle Transport Systems

- Steel Conveyors
- PVC Conveyors

Can Transport Systems

- Steel Conveyors
- PVC Conveyors

Roller Conveyors (e.g. Intralox) with:

- Endless System
- Fast running Mats
- Load & Unload with Robot Technology

Reditech Automation GmbH is your competent Solution Provider. We develop, build and maintain Special Engineering Systems worldwide.

We are your Choice for everything that has to do with:
- Can Handling
- End Handling
- Roller Conveyors
- Mat Conveyors
- Belt Conveyors
- Wedge Conveyors
- Magnet Conveyors
- Paternoster
- Accumulating roller conveyors
- Turntables
- Robots
- Single Filers
- Pressureless bottles gatherings
- Palette Transportation of all Kinds
- Chain Conveyors
- Rinser
- floor-level trolleys
- Portal Robots
- Air Tables
- Vacuum Conveyors

our Services
We offer:

- Development and Construction of complete new Systems
- Check existing Systems for Improvements
- Development and Construction of Special Engineering Machines of every Size

Contact us today - we have the Solution

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