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SAP Integration Service

Stefan Kraska: " The world speaks SAP – and i´m the interpreter "

Remember the legend of Babylon? They had lofty goals too... obtained the technology and logistics to build something great and at the end the project failed because those involved in the project could not properly communicate.

Just for fun, go ahead and have a German sentence translated into French by one of those online translation tools. Then have the French translated into English and the English back into German. The similarities between the two German sentences will be minimal at best. In fact, you may not even be able to make out the meaning of the new sentence.

However, a business process chain usually contains considerably more than just these three translation steps we used in our example. You will quickly realize that only people who have both – well-founded expert know-how and SAP knowledge – can come up with a solution that will deliver the desired results.

One individual will not be able to achieve this alone. It takes a team. Our highly aligned teams consisting of SAP experts and industry insiders will ensure that an IT Babylon cannot even develop. When industry and SAP expertise join forces, they create solutions that are tailor-made; regardless how huge or how small your company may be.

We see our role as that of a partner of international conglomerates and of medium-sized businesses. We speak our customers’ languages – and we always level with you by supporting you with professional advice, covering everything from strategy development to implementation to continuous optimization.


The performance and availability of your business management system directly affects your productivity and the ability of your business to perform.

Don’t be distracted by SAP management issues let itelligence look after your SAP management system:

  • 24x7 SAP Management Support
  • SAP Basis Administration Support
  • SAP Basis Consultancy
  • System Health Checks
  • SAP Basis Training
  • Proactive SAP Maintenance
  • SAP Software Upgrades
  • SAP Performance Management

A sophisticated and highly functional system like SAP requires expert management to ensure continuous and smooth business operations. We provide that solution.

Complete Systems Management and Support for your SAP Solutions

Many UK companies use our SAP Management Services to provide systems management, SAP support and business continuity, with predictable pricing and guaranteed availability.

  • SAP Basis Operations Support
  • SAP Database Management Services
  • SAP Application Management
  • SAP Business Intelligence Support
  • Entire System Analysis
  • SAP Monitoring Services
  • System Patching
  • SAP Support Packs

Our SAP Management Services team will be at your disposal, supplementing your in-house SAP team, if required, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

SAP Management Services, Maintenance and Support

As a SAP Gold Business Partner, and one of SAP’s leading GVAR resellers in the UK, itelligence UK have the experience and know how to deal with any SAP management issue, no matter at what stage of implementation or development or what the level of complexity is.

  • Concentrate On Success
  • Improve Efficiencies
  • Manage Risk

We understand not only that day to day SAP management issues are important but regular support, SAP software updates and business continuity all require different solutions.

If you have a specialised SAP management requirement or you are looking for a broad sweep of SAP management support services we are here to help.

SAP Basis Management Solutions

itelligence’s SAP Managed Service is different because we  only offer onshore specialist services,

  • Customer Management and Communication
  • Basis Issue Management (UK office hours)
  • Application Management
  • Onsite Assistance when requested
  • Liaising with SAP on Maintenance Issues
  • SAP System Management Activities
  • Extended Hours SAP Support
  • Out Of Hours - 24/7 P1 Support

itelligence will work with you to determine the exact SAP management partnership required. This can vary from a full SAP Basis Management scenario where the customer has no need for SAP technical staff to a blended approach where the split of tasks is shared amongst the customer’s on-shore and off-shore teams with defined responsibilities.  
SAP Management Driving Productivity and Efficiency

The managed services offered by itelligence are focused on increasing the efficiency and productivity of your IT resources. Chelford take responsibility for the delivery and support of selected SAP services and manage the delivery of those services ensuring that your SAP system supports your vital business operations effectively and efficiently.

  • Free up your internal IT resources to focus on improving and enhancing your unique business operations.
  • Reduce the effort required to manage, operate and maintain your systems.

itelligence’s SAP Managed Services enables you to reduce costs by outsourcing SAP Management, improving service levels of IT to the business through reliability, security and availability and increasing the capabilities of SAP by providing a wide skill set from our SAP Managed Services resource pool.

Managed SAP Services Agreements are customised to suit the needs of each business.

Times of cover and scope of our SAP Basis Management activity are flexible.

Download our detailed list of SAP Management services or speak to an advisor about how we can create a specific solution tailored around your specific business requirements.

SAP-Technologie Beratung

Für Planung, Aufbau und Betrieb von komplexen mehrstufigen SAP-Systemlandschaften stehen Ihnen unsere projekterfahrenen SAP-Basis Experten zu folgenden Themenschwerpunkten zur Verfügung:

  • Planung von hochverfügbaren SAP NetWeaver-Systemlandschaften
  • Releasewechsel sämtlicher SAP-Systemkomponenten
  • Datenbank- und Betriebssystem-Plattformmigrationen
  • Performanceanalysen
  • SAP-Berechtigungs- und -Sicherheitskonzeptionen
  • Administratoren-Workshops
  • Umstellung auf Unicode
  • SAP-Datenarchivierung und -Dokumentenmanagement
  • SAP Solution Manager


Neben den SAP-Technologie-Kompetenzen bietet Ihnen itelligence in den Bereichen System-Integration und Applikations-Integration umfangreiches Know-how. Dabei begleiten wir den Kundenprozess von der IT-Strategie- und Prozessberatung über die Lösungsauswahl, die Beratung und Implementierung bis hin zum Betrieb der Systeme:

  • SAP PI/XI-Integration/EDI-Integration
  • Lotus Notes-/Domino-Beratung und -Entwicklung
  • SAP-Lotus Notes-Integration
  • SAP-BlackBerry-Integration
  • SAP-Adobe-Integration
  • IT-Security
  • Terminal Services/Citrix-Integration
  • Daten- und Dokumentenarchivierung
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Your Key Benefits

  • Local and international support in all main regions (America, Europe, Asia Pacific)
  • Support portfolio ranges from Application Support (on-site and remote) to SAP Maintenance and Technical/Hosting support
  • Flexible support windows ranging from office hour to 24x5 / 24x7 support
  • All support services are integrated on one single SAP platform
  • SAP Solution Manager as backbone and integration to SAP maintenance and support platform
  • Customer interaction via support portal or telephone
  • All support calls are logged in an integrated ticketing system
  • Flexible support packages and SLAs
  • Certified SAP Support Alliance Partner

Our Customers realize the Advantages of our SCADA Systems very fast. Display of all Production Data in Realtime either in the local Intranet or via Internet from any place in the world. This also works the other way, our System can alert you in case of Problems by sending you an e-mail for example.
Benefit from Performance Measurements starting from single shifts up to Analysis from the beginning of your Data Collection. Allways have an eye on your Machines and adjust your Maintenance Activities according to the collected Data.  



The combined focus on generating benefits and added values for our customers, our future-oriented approach to technology, leading SAP and integration expertise, consistent industry orientation, international presence and many years of project experience, forms the basis of our full service portfolio. It allows our customers to focus on their core business.


Stefan Kraska SAP Integration Services

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